'It was as if the moon came closer than it ever had before; there was a breath of air as it approached, and as it passed it lightly brushed the surface of the earth. And what had seemed familiar when distant was now close and strange...'


Two love affairs - between a man and a woman, and man and the moon; the action takes place between the time the first astronauts land on the moon and the premature cancellation of the Apollo programme. An extended visual metaphor in which the moon is filmed with the intensity one normally reserves for photographing the face, and the human body is filmed as if it were landscape or moonscape.


(13 minutes, 1991, colour and B/W, 16mm)


'A poetic essay on the subject of exploration drawing visual analogies between the first moon landing and a remembered love affair. Planets and lovers gravely circle each other and the young man's body is explored as though it was the surface of the moon...quirky, subtly erotic and moving by turns'  Bob Phillips - What's On


'Bush updates the traditional association of love with the moon through a subtle and visually fascinating exploration of, on the one hand, the physicality of the lunar object and on the other, a young couple's relationship in which their excitement, discovery, joy, consummation and inevitable separation is paralleled by the American moon programme's similar history'  Michael O'Pray


'Transposing high romanticism into the idiom and medium of the space age'  Peter Wollen




Written, produced, directed and edited by Paul Bush

Featuring Matthew Wilde, Isabel Brook, Maeve Leslie, John Guerrasio

Camera:- John Stewart

Art Director: Patricia Boulter

Sound: Ronnie Fowler

Production Manager: Carol Lemon

Produced by Paul Bush Productions for Greater London Arts.

Copyright Paul Bush 1991


The second ICA Biennial of Independent Film and International Tour 1992-5




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