A nine programme for developing short independent animation from initial story idea to pre-production.


The course will run from January 13th until March 13th 2020. The total cost including accommodation and three meals a day is 3500 Euros. Accommodation will be on the campus of EIC-TV at San Antonio de los Baños half an hour outside La Havana. The costs do not include flights, pick up and return to the airport, extra food and drink you might require and any tourism you wish to undertake at the weekends.


Aim - to develop a short animation from initial idea to be ready for production. Maximum 12 participants.

Course structure:

Week 1-2 Paul Bush teaching story development.

Week 4-5 Ruth Lingford teaching design and storyboarding

Week 7-8 Gerd Gockell teaching editing animatics and preparing for production. (PB assisting in week 8)

Weeks 3 and 6 in between the tutored sessions will be used for consolidating the projects and preparing for the next stage.

The course will be taught in English and Spanish


We are accepting applications from now until 30 September.

Please apply with one page CV, one page idea including technique and designs where relevant, and a link to one film which you have directed or played an important creative part.

Please apply to using the words Cuba entry in the subject line.

All questions should be directed to the facebook page - we will not answer questions by email.

Selection will be completed by end of October. you may be required to participate in a short Skype interview.



This course is designed for animation directors of all ages who wish to have professional support to develop a short film. Professional directors and designers will help guide the participants through story development, design, storyboarding and animatic. At the end of the development period the participants should be ready to take their projects into production or seek the necessary funding to do so.

Participants will also be encouraged to take part in the life of the film school, contact with other students and professionals and the film screening and lecture programmes that take place every evening.



PAUL BUSH (Course leader and tutoring story development) studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths in London and taught himself film-making at the London Film-makers Co-op in the 1980s. In the 1990s he began working single frame and it is for these films that he became well-known. His first animations were reworking of engravings scratched directly on film such as His Comedy (1994). Later he began a series of experimental stop frame animations that have been hugely influential including Furniture Poetry (1999) and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2001). More recently While Darwin Sleeps (2004) and The Five Minute Museum (2105) have won numerous awards and in 2012 his feature Babeldom was released in the UK to critical acclaim. His work has been shown in cinemas, festivals, galleries and on television all over the world. He has had retrospectives at Montreal, Cracow, Bristol, London, Hiroshima, Seoul, Bogota, Boston, Stuttgart, Vienna, and Barcelona. He has taught at the National Film and Television School since 2003 where he has been responsible for the production of numerous award winning student films, including academy award nominees, a student Oscar winner, and several Bafta and Annecy winners. Bush has lectured, run workshops and tutored at numerous art and film courses around the world including Luzern University, Centro Sperimentali di Cinematografia in Italy, Royal College of Art and Harvard.



RUTH LINGFORD (Tutoring design and storyboard) has been making short animated films since studying fine art and art history at Middlesex (1987–1990) and animation at the MA level at the Royal College of Art (1990–92). Her films have been broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK, and have won many awards all over the world. She taught in the MA animation program at the Royal College of Art and at the National Film and Television School and is currently a senior lecturer in animation at Harvard. Her films are made using 2D digital techniques, often combining drawing and treated live footage. She is known for making “feelbad films” which use the seductive medium of animation to draw the audience in and take them to uncomfortable places. The Old Fools (2002) is a film of a poem by Philip Larkin, voiced by Bob Geldof.  Pleasures of War (1998) is a retelling of the Biblical story of Judith and Holofernes, and explores female aggression and the links between war and sexual desire. Death and the Mother (1997) is based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, and invites the audience to contemplate the things that are worse than death. She was the recipient of a 2008–09 Harvard Film Study Center Fellowship for Little Deaths, a short animated film using recorded interviews. Recently she has worked on documentaries for PBS and NBC. In Summer 2017, she completed Trump Dreams, a short film based on dreams about Donald Trump collected from 2016-2017, which has been screened at many festivals, including Annecy and Cinanima.



GERD GOCKELL (Tutoring editing animatics and preparing for production) is a German film-maker, producer and teacher. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brunswick and has lived and worked in Germany, the UK and Switzerland. He has made a series of award winning experimental animated short films including Patch (2014) winner of the jury prize in Annecy, Restored Weekend (2004) which is an imaginative reconstruction of a film that never existed based on a sound track made by Walter Ruttman in the 1930s and Muratti & Sarotti (2000) which is a feature length animated history of German animation. In 2002 he established the animation department in the University of Applied Science and Arts in Luzern and guided it over 9 years to become one of the leading animation schools in Europe. He has also taught in Germany, Canada and Singapore. Through his production company Anigraf in Germany and Schattenkabinett in Switzerland he has produced many award winning films by numerous directors.










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