An animated extravaganza of plastic collected from beaches, roadsides, attics and junk shops. This is an elegy to a love affair that has gone sour, a fond farewell to that most beautiful material that has enslaved our planet – plastic.


(6.50 minutes, colour, 2020, Stop motion and digital stills - DCP)



Written,directed and edited by Paul Bush

Music and sound: Andy Cowton

Animation: Paul Bush, Philip Piaget, Christophe Peladan, Shinobu Soejima

Additional animation: Kristina Sletting Jensen

Cinematography: Paul Bush, Christophe Peladan

Sound mix: Thomas Richard Christensen

Backing vocals: Anna Price

Electronic creatures recorded by Franziska Meyer


Produced by Paul Bush, Lana Tankosa Nikolic


Financed by The West Danish Film Fund and Arts Council England.


© 2020 Ancient Mariner Productions, Late Love Production




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