To the background of village celebrations a father questions his daughter about a suspected lover. She cleverly deflects him with her answers but the passions rise,  the villagers take sides and what began as a harmless banter becomes bitter and angry. Inarticulate with rage the father mounts his horse and the male villagers set out to begin a cycle of violence that destroys them all.


Percy Grainger's orchestration of the Nordic traditional song, Father and Daughter, dramatised with dance sequences choreographed by Matthew Hawkins.


(3.30 minutes, colour, 2002, scratched into 35mm - 35mm/DCP)



Father Jason Morrell

Daughter  Annie Carpenter


Villagers Elliott Ashton

Carl Barât

Ron Delves

Michael Duffy

Damian Gascoigne

Christopher Jones

Liane Lang

Camille Litalien

Franziska Rosenzweig

Daniel Stern

Rebecca Stern

Caroline Wilkinson


Produced, directed, animated and edited by Paul Bush

Camera: Paul Bush and Adi Wolotzky

Costumes: Joanna Macklin

Choreographer: Matthew Hawkins

Production assistant:  Adi Wolotzky

Sound design:  Andy Cowton


‘Father and Daughter’

by Percy Grainger

© 1918 by Schott & Co. Ltd, London


Performed by Dyfed Choir

Choir Master Stuart Evans

Recorded at Dreamworld Studio


Copyright Ancient Mariner Productions, S4C, Sgrîn, ACW2001


Made with the support of the National Lottery Fund through the Arts Council of Wales Lottery Fund


Diploma of Honour - 2003 Krok International Festival of Animated Films, Ukraine

Jury Special Mention - 2003 Madrid Experimental Cinema Week

2003 Welsh Cinema Release

2003-4  Milan Film Festival on Tour



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